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Sauer & Tröger

Sauer & Tröger Secret Flow chop

Sauer & Tröger Secret Flow chop

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In developing the SECRET FLOW CHOP rubber a new type of topsheet has been combined with a unique sponge to allow your table tennis to really begin to flow. In the top sheet you will discover a table tennis rubber which offers enhanced speed, spin, and game control. The specially developed synthetic rubber surface brings true high performance to the top sheet and this combined with the high quality innovative medium hard "SC- sponge" creates a wonderful but deadly combination. High performance and maximum grip are achieved in every shot. When you impart backspin the amount of deceptive topspin developed is highly dangerous to your opponent. Chopping near the table, and defensive shots away from the table can be played effortlessly because of the high control. The special "SC sponge" makes it possible for classical defenders and control players to use the 1.5mm and 1.8mm versions very effectively. The 2.1mm version is perfect for the modern defender who uses every opportunity to attack. Very hard offensive shots with a high tempo can be played without losing control, unlike if a hard sponge was used. Find real enjoyment in your winning game with sizzling spin matched with power and pinpoint accuracy.
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